Apply for Sponsorship!

On behalf of the PCSP Foundation Board, the PCSP EC, and the PCSP membership, I am excited to invite you to participate in our inaugural sponsorship program benefiting Prosthodontic Residents in 2021.

Please complete each field and submit for consideration for sponsorship for the PCSP 2021 Virtual Meeting. The PCSP Foundation is proud to offer (up to) 80 sponsorship opportunities for US Prosthodontic Residents which will pay the $299 registration fee. To be eligible for sponsorship, you must be a current US prosthodontic or maxillofacial prosthodontic resident, in good standing, who is able to have their enrollment verified with their program director. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis; first come, first serve.

For the final entry, please provide a brief statement about what you hope to achieve by attending a meeting of the PCSP. All fields must be completed with a valid entry for submission.

I look forward to your attendance and participation.

Jamie Kaukinen, DDS, MS, FRCD
President, PCSP Foundation

The PCSP Foundation Officers may be contacted for further information as follows::

Dr. Andrea Jordan
1100 Sonoma Ave., C1
Santa Rosa, CA